Autumn/Winter Hair Trends 2016

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Winter hair trends this year appear softer in shape, with a warm golden undertone.

Below are a few tips on how to turn your existing style and colour into something a little more NOW!

It’s also important to be aware of our skin tone as it begins to fade with the cooler months approaching. So keep that in mind when purchasing new makeup and clothes.

1. What to do with the lob…

Either shorten it or grow it! If your feeling daring take it above the shoulders – chin line. Keep the base line solid, the layers long and have some bulk removed to give an overall square shape as opposed to a triangle.
Or the other option is to keep the layers long but take out weight and soften all the solid ends, this will create more movement and a less structured look. This will work well on most styles that have been quite solid over the last few months.

2. Short Hair Styles…

It is nice to have some aspect of length incorporated into the shape. This gives you variety when styling.
Keep the back and the exterior short with soft edges. And the interior textured but full.

3. Hair Colour…

There is a strong essence of softness with colour techniques too. Colours are rich and strong, but at the same time blended and soft.
When choosing to have a variety of colours, place them evenly over the head. Keep colours close in level and go for an overall lighter effect rather than just the ends (ombre) or just through the part (half head of classic foils).

4. Hair condition…

After this extremely hot summer, enjoying air con and sunshine, hair is feeling dryer. Add on an in-salon treatment onto your next service or switch your conditioner for a treatment to use daily at home.
Also, watch this space as we bring to you OLAPLEX. A treatment that can be added into your colours and bleach or as separate service provided with a blow dry. It really is amazing!